09 May 2023

Dubai Real Estate market overview 1st to 5th May 2023



The Dubai Land Department (DLD) has recently released a report for the period of 1-5 May, which provides some important information about the real estate market in Dubai. According to the report, there were a total of 2426 transactions during this period, which is a significant number indicating a robust real estate market in Dubai.

In terms of the total worth of these transactions, the report reveals that it amounted to 6.28 billion AED, which is an impressive figure and demonstrates the economic significance of the real estate industry in Dubai.

The report also provides some information about the units, buildings, and land involved in these transactions. Specifically, there were 1981 units, 170 buildings, and 275 lands that were part of these transactions. This data suggests that there is a diverse range of properties being bought and sold in the Dubai real estate market, with transactions involving both residential and commercial properties.

Overall, the report from the Dubai Land Department highlights a thriving real estate market in Dubai with a high volume of transactions and substantial monetary value.